Vote Libraries

The #VoteLibraries campaign enables members of the public to pledge their support for their local library services and put pressure on the candidates in their area to commit to sustainable, long term investment for local library services.

Do you #LoveLibraries? Show your support for your libraries this December with our #VoteLibraries toolkit. We’ve made it easy for you to help spread the word using the resources below. The more of us that commit to voting for libraries, the more power we'll have in the fight to keep them open.

This campaign is vital because everyone who runs for office has an impact on the funding decisions made for libraries. The social and economic return on taxpayer investment in libraries is huge. Estimates suggest that every £1 invested in libraries returns between £5 and £7 for the local economy - which equates to between £5bn and £6bn for the UK as a whole. That’s an amazing return on an investment at the very heart of our communities.

Click here to download the poster to let candidates know you care about libraries.

Don't let this opportunity slip by!
Encourage your family and friends to get involved with the resources below.