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The Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 - An Investment in England’s Libraries

The Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 is one of the most important pieces of legislation in the history of libraries in the UK. The Act makes the provision of public libraries a statutory service, requiring local governments to provide local library services. Local councils have a statutory duty to provide a “comprehensive and efficient” library service for all people living, working, or studying in the area.

Libraries and Accurate Information about the Coronavirus

Your local library is a fantastic community resource, offering a safe, trusted and welcoming space for all. Libraries are ideally-placed to play a role in the national response to the Coronavirus and COVID-19 and to help you find accurate information so that you can look after yourself, friends, family and colleagues.

Ending Library Austerity— An Investment In England’s Future

On February 27 University Challenge star and CILIP library champion Bobby Seagull presented a petition to No 10 asking government to end library austerity and return funding for public libraries to their 2010 levels in next month’s budget. This petition underscores the growing recognition that public libraries are not merely a luxury for good economic times, but in fact are a critical component of our social infrastructure and play a dynamic role as engines of economic prosperity.

The Public Library System is Your Next Step on Your Career Journey!

In the UK, public libraries are well-known for their diverse selection of entertainment on offer, from books to film, comics and creative spaces, all the way to art programs and more! But were you aware that alongside these and other services libraries also offer tremendous support to those seeking to enter the workforce, transition to a new job, or develop their existing careers? 

Help Share the Petition to End Library Austerity

We need your support to end library austerity today by helping us share this petition to more people like you, who care about libraries.

Reading Aloud, School Libraries, and the Power of Storytime

Being read aloud to is one of life’s simple pleasures. Who doesn’t have a favourite storybook from childhood, whether it is Goodnight, Moon, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Winnie-the-Pooh or one of countless other timeless literary treasures that was read to them by a parent or caretaker?

Fiat Libraries: Laying a Strong Foundation for Education and Community

Public libraries have continued to evolve since Carnegie’s day, adapting to modern developments and expanding their roles not only as repositories of literature, but as institutions for education, job training, social assistance, and even as thriving community hubs and centres for the arts.

Public Libraries: A Smart Investment for All Seasons

Across the UK, many public libraries are struggling to remain open. With nearly 800 libraries having closed since 2010 - due to national austerity measures and a decline in spending at the local level - this a national crisis. But it is also a locale by local tragedy.

Build Britain’s future by investing in libraries

CILIP, the UK’s library and information association, has issued a call to Boris Johnson to “set aside the campaign rhetoric and build Britain’s future by investing in libraries, information and knowledge for the 21st Century”. 

Opportunities for all – libraries for the 21st Century

As the dust settles on the 2019 General Election, libraries body CILIP tells Boris Johnson to “set aside the campaign rhetoric and build Britain’s future by investing in libraries, information and knowledge for the 21st Century”.